Muhammad: The Last Prophet

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Author:Imam Vehbi Ismail
Publisher:Amana Publications
Year of Publication:2001 CE

Every Muslim feels the need to see the teachings of Islam put into practice. Since the life of Prophet Muhammad, in all its aspects, was the personification of the Qur'anic teachings, one has to read his biography to see Islam in action. Drawing on primary sources, Imam Vehbi Ismail presents a highly readable biography of the Prophet of Islam to the young American Muslims and adults who look for an authentic easy-to-read biography of the Last Prophet. The book is highly recommended for Middle and High School students and for inclusion in summer reading lists by schools and public libraries. What sets this book apart from the many on the market place is its extensive coverage, modern illustrated maps of events, carefully worded questions for each chapter (workbook), transliteration table and a comprehensive glossary of Arabic terms used which also makes it suitable for classroom use as a textbook.

A combination of a smooth style and rich content will make it undoubtedly a source of inspiration for young readers.

This book is also suitable for classroom use as a textbook

About the Author

VEHBI ISMAIL was born on November 25, 1919 in Shkoder, Albania. He pursued his studies at the Islamic Seminary (Medrese) in Tirana, the capital of Albania and in 1937 moved to Egypt to further his studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. By that time Albania was taken over by the Communists and his father, who was a Mufti, advised him not to return.

During his stay in Egypt he became a prolific writer on Islamic topics and translated many literary works from Albanian into Arabic. In 1949 Imam Vehbi came to United States to take his place as the religious leader (Imam) of the Albanian Muslim Community in Detroit, Michigan. There he established the first Albanian Mosque and Islamic Center in the United States and became the editor of the two quarterly Islamic journals, The Albanian Muslim Life and The Muslim Life; the latter being the organ of The Federation of Islamic Associations in the USA and Canada. During those years he wrote and translated more than twenty five books, which are printed in Albanian. In 1993 Imam Vehbi was chosen as the President of The Albanian Muslim Communities of the USA and Canada, an organization that comprises twelve Albanian Islamic Centers in North America.


Imam Vehbi Ismail
  • English
Amana Publications
Year of Publication:
2001 CE

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Muhammad: The Last Prophet

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