The Holy Kaaba Building Set 430 Pieces

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Age Group:6+
Publisher:Deen Bricks
  • 430 Bricks
  • 93 step Kaaba Instructions
  • Guide for Kaaba Structure
  • Quiz for Inspiration
  • More designs possible

The Holy Kaaba set 786101 comes with 430 bricks. It is a toolkit for building Kaaba with your own hands, mastering brick building and a door to learning Islamic Architecture. This set brings an amazing opportunity for kids to unleash potential and build Kaaba model and other possible designs. This is a resource for productive use of kids time. This set can be used to build Masjid Dome. Also, build a Cutter boat using set Pieces. When it comes to brick building, there is no no limit to imagination and building.


Age Group:
Deen Bricks
The Holy Kaaba Building Set 430 Pieces

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