Who are the Blind Followers?

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Dimensions:15 x 21 cm (5.9 x 8.3 in)
Year of Publication:1428 AH / 2007 CE

By Maulana Abu Usama Ayyub. This book discusses the issue of taqleed and responds to attacks made against it. Written mostly in a question/answer form, it handles "difficult questions" on the subject in an easy to understand manner. Second, revised edition.

From the publishers:

Some of the issues tackled in this book are:




  • What is the need for different madh-habs when there is one Quran and one Nabi?
  • Why do only four Madh-habs exist?
  • Can all four schools of jurisprudence be concurrently correct?
  • If a man claims to be following the fiqh of Imam Bukhari, will he not be on the straight path?
  • Explanation of taqlid through a practical example.
  • Lists of distinguished scholars of Hadith, who lived in different centuries and hailed from various lands, that followed each of the four madh-habs.
  • Is it correct to say "I am a Muhammadi - not a Hanafi/Shafi"?


The book consists of twenty-five similar questions about taqlid.

At the end of the book a summary has been presented of a debate between Albani and al-Buti. Thereafter, as an example of how easily people are misled, the issue of performing salah with short sleeves has been dealt with in detail.


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15 x 21 cm (5.9 x 8.3 in)
Year of Publication:
1428 AH / 2007 CE

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Who are the Blind Followers?

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