by Albalagh Admin


In 2001 when we started Albalagh Bookstore we said, "We hope we are making buying good Islamic books in Urdu, Arabic, and English a little easier for you by offering authentic content, competitive prices, convenient ordering, and a variety of payment options."

Alhamdulillah sixteen years later we can say with confidence that as thousands of our satisfied customers will testify, we have held to our goal.

As things have changed we are moving to a new website with many of the new features that online customers have come to expect with advance of technology. You can now sign up for your account, making placing subsequent orders much easier. Search capabilities have also been expanded. Ordering from your smart phone is also easier now. 

As technology changes, we may make more changes in future. 

However one thing will not change: our commitment to the original goals of Albalagh Bookstore.

And as always, if we do not have the titles you are looking for, please use the feedback form to tell us about your requirements--- in as much detail as possible.