Saeed Reader (5 Book Set)

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Publisher:Bait-ul-Ilm Trust

Designed to develop Islamic characteristics in children (like manners, morality, courtesy, obedience, kindness, etc) through engaging lessons. Color illustrations enhance the text throughout. Each lesson includes carefully chosen new words appropriate to the grade level. Covers up to level 5, which includes lessons in science with proper Islamic perspective. Printed on art paper. Has levels 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Aminah was a good girl but she always forgot things. She forgot to tell her mom when her uncle was in an accident and was taken to the hospital. Then her teacher helped her overcome this habit. Raheel had a habit of lying. In a family meeting his father takes up the subject in such a manner that he solemnly promises never to lie again. Usman is good at cleaning hsi house but does not know how to cook. Yousuf is good at cooking but leaves a mess. The two friends help each other overcome their weaknesses. It is little stories like this that engage the children while delivering important messages. Each lesson includes the list of new words introduced in it.


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Bait-ul-Ilm Trust

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Saeed Reader (5 Book Set)

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