ICO Islamic Studies Textbooks: Grade 1 Set (4 Books, 2 CDs)

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Dimensions:21 x 28 cm (8.3 x 11 in)
Publisher:International Curricula Organization, Saudi Arabia
Year of Publication:1426 AH / 2006 CE

A well-designed curriculum serving the mission of Islamic schools to teach and transmit a common set of beliefs, values and norms. The material aims to help students develop spiritually and morally, take pride in being Muslims, and achieve balanced personalities that reflect the moderation of Islam. The curriculum cover Aqeedah, Qu'raan, Seerah, Ibaadaat, Morals and Manners. The content of this series is presented in a spiral approach, whereby students revisit each area of study and examine it in greater depth each year. A plethora of activities in the workbooks spur creative and critical thinking and encourage actively engaging the material. Beautifully produced.

From the Publisher

GRADE 1 At this level students are introduced to Islam through the shahaadah (testimony of faith). They learn appropriate care of the Qur'aan and engage in memorization and recitation of soorahs from Soorah at-Teen to Soorah al-Humzah. The life of the Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam is introduced to them. They learn the basics of cleanliness and ablution along with the proper perfomance of prayer. The course ends with lessons on personal hygiene, respect for parents, and respect for the property of others.

About the Series

There are three different types of books for each grade:

  1. The Student's Book (two parts)
  2. The Activity Book (two parts)
  3. The teacher's manuals


There are five content areas:

  1. Aqeedah (Islamic Doctrine)
  2. The Glorious Quraan and its Sciences
  3. Seerah (Biography of the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and Islamic History
  4. Ibaadaat (Worship)
  5. Morals and Manners


The material is presented using a spiral approach where students revisit each study area and study it in greater depth each year.

The student's textbook contains the subject text of the lessons, exercises, as well as activities. The activity book (workbooks), however, engages the student in additional activities on the same lessons dealt with in the student's textbook. The difference is that the activities are more analysis and synthesis based than simply recall-type activities. There is also a more practical aspect aligned to activities in the activity book.

The teacher's manual contains tips for teaching lesson, suggested pedagogical practices and solutions to exercises and activities found in the student's textbook and activity book.


  1. Integrated review units
  2. Additional practice materials
  3. A framework for instruction in Islamic studies
  4. Assistance in learning the correct practice of Islam
  5. Islamic teachings impart key beliefs, norms and values
  6. Moral guidance for students living in the West


ICO project is a distinguished one because:

  1. Our curricula meet the needs of the target group for integrated, coherent, and appropriate curricula.
  2. They were prepared according to scientific bases, assimilating the most recent educational and psychological theories.
  3. They were prepared by special educationists who are experienced in designing curricula and who are familiar with the needs of the target group.
  4. They employed the most recent techniques and educational aids.
  5. They went through many quality control processes, which were carried out by specialized committees, and they were enhanced by teachers who evaluated the curricula before releasing them.


The Technical Features:

  1. The textbooks have been designed in accordance with the international quality standards in all aspects: colors, paper, size, illustration, and printing.
  2. The texts have been distributed and organized in a way that makes the type stand out, paying special attention to the font type and size, and the spaces; and colors were chosen carefully to appeal to the target stage.


The Instructional and Linguistic Features:


  1. Reinforce the proper linguistic basis of the non-Arabic speaking students.
  2. They build the students’ linguistic dictionary according to their environmental needs.
  3. Provide non-Arabic speaking students with a good deal of Islamic vocabulary.
  4. Identify the correct articulations of the different sounds, through the study of the Glorious Qur’an.
  5. Enable the students to evade making mistakes when reciting the Glorious Qur’an through employing the rules of the Arabic language.
  6. Provide an integrated curriculum with well-prepared scientific content and vocabulary.
  7. Take into consideration the students’ individual mental differences and their diverse linguistic skills.
  8. Consider the students’ different cultures.
  9. Develop the students’ creativity and mental faculties.


The Educational Content Features:

  1. Reinforce the principle of forgiveness and the etiquettes of disagreement with others.
  2. Develop the spirituality, morality, and values of the students.
  3. Help students have good and balanced personalities.

  4. Develop the students’ pride in their Muslim identity.
  5. Help the Caller to Islam to develop a balanced personality that reflects the moderation of Islam.


Watch webinar on the series:


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21 x 28 cm (8.3 x 11 in)
International Curricula Organization, Saudi Arabia
Year of Publication:
1426 AH / 2006 CE

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ICO Islamic Studies Textbooks: Grade 1 Set (4 Books, 2 CDs)

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