Jawahir al-Fiqh (7 Volumes Boxed set) جواہر الفقہ

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Author:Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi
Dimensions:14.5 x 22.5 cm (5.7 x 8.9 in)
Publisher:Maktaba Darul-Uloom Karachi
Year of Publication:1435 AH / 2013 CE

Collection of fiqh articles of Mufti Muhammad Shafi (ra) on 105 subjects.

Authored by one of the greatest masters of the Islamic sciences of the last century, and a magnificent spiritual master, Imam Mufti Muhammad Shafi' (father of our masters, 'Allamah Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani and Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Rafi' Usmani), 'Jawahir alFiqh' (Pearls/Jewels of Fiqh) has recently been published anew in 7 large volumes from Maktabah Dar al-'Ulum Karachi. The book had been, for a few decades, published in just 2 volumes. After much hard work in gathering the various scattered works of the author, this final edition in 7 volumes contains 105 fiqh treatises of the author, covering a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to the sacred law, many of which deal directly with modern problems faced by the Muslims. This 7-volume book is truly a treasure trove for the advanced-level student and scholar of fiqh.


Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi
  • Urdu
14.5 x 22.5 cm (5.7 x 8.9 in)
Maktaba Darul-Uloom Karachi
Year of Publication:
1435 AH / 2013 CE

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Jawahir al-Fiqh (7 Volumes Boxed set) جواہر الفقہ

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