Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh on Menstruation & Related Issues

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Author:Hedaya Hartford & Ashraf Muneeb
Dimensions:15 x 23 cm (5.9 x 9.1 in)
Publisher:Amana Publications
Year of Publication:2006 CE

This manual is a comprehensive reference of the Book of Menstruation: Dhukhr al-Muta'ahhilin wa Nisa' fi ta'rif al-Athar wa al-Dima' by Imam Muhammad al-Birgivî (d.981/1573). It is the most authoritative work on menstruation, lochia and related issues in the Hanafi school of fiqh (jurisprudence), which the majority of Muslims follow.

It has a unique and detailed explanation of the various scenarios given by Imam Birgivî and a compilation of the 'Comprehensive Precepts' that govern the legal rulings of menstruation, lochia and related issues. It also includes a medical section on various vaginal discharges that afflict many women in the modern age, as well as practical charts to record the menstrual and/or lochial habit.


“A handbook of what a Muslim woman needs to know about her monthly period and related questions. The detailed content of this major work should make it useful for anyone teaching women’s fiqh.”
— Nuh Keller

“…explains the legal rulings related to menstruation and lochia in a clear and practical manner that enables women to fulfill their religious duties soundly, without the confusion and uncertainty that come from acting without knowledge.”
— Faraz Rabbani

“The most comprehensive treatise found on the subject in the Hanafi School. A must read for every genuine student. The method of explanation is unique, and the charts are unparalleled.”
— Tahir Anwar, South Bay Islamic Association


Hedaya Hartford & Ashraf Muneeb
  • English
15 x 23 cm (5.9 x 9.1 in)
Amana Publications
Year of Publication:
2006 CE

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Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh on Menstruation & Related Issues

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