Banking: The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time

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Understand the real cause of the financial crisis that is engulfing the world today. This book provides a penetrating look at the banking industry and its role in spreading injustices and misery in the world. Usury is the backbone of modern economic life. See how it, and the mindset behind it, have caused grave damages to the humanity in every walk of life.

The original 1987 Norwich seminar Usury: The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time, whose proceedings form the core of this work, had an extraordinary effect. After the endless analyses and altercations of left and right to which we were accustomed, here was an argument that went to the core of the matter in one bound, and yet did so with a degree of scholarship and indeed erudition that was not cavalier. The result was electric. It was also well before its time.

This book contains the texts of the original lectures as well as some contemporary material that updates it. The 80’s material was remarkably prescient, as the reader will discover. However, history has furnished us another opportunity – the catastrophic bank collapses of 2008 and the impending total systems shutdown of 2009 – to revisit this vital material and place it before the reader.

Whatever the result of the signal events of 2008-9 – a slide into depression, cataclysmic upheaval or a rebound into dynamic activity – the argument in this work still stands: Usury is demonstrably the motor of the injustices of our age. That is the bad news, whose necessary corollary, a delineation of the way out of our global predicament, this book explores.


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Banking: The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time

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