Cooking for Your Body Type

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Year of Publication:2003 CE

Bringing much more to the table than a compilatoin of delicious meals, this book looks at man's disposition and explains how eating in accordance with your body type can revolutionise the way you feel. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful pictures of the ingredients and dishes. Eat, enjoy, and be healthy!

It clearly explains the qualities of different foods and how these qualities will either positively or negatively affect you. Understand and embrace a philosophy to life that is uplifting and empowering or simply use the principles and feel the benefits.

Father and daughter, Rashid Bhikha (founder of Ibn Sina Instiute of Tibb in South Africa) and Nasira Vallee are both dedicated to spreading the message of empowerment. Enjoy over 130 recipies including both vegetarian and meat dishes, healing tea's, and a good dose of everyday traditional Indian and Pakistani cooking.


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Year of Publication:
2003 CE

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Cooking for Your Body Type

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