Maariful Hadith English (8 Parts/2 Volumes)

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Author:Maulana Manzoor No'mani
Publisher:Darul Ishaat
Year of Publication:2018 CE

An authentic collection of Hadith on every aspect of life with translation and explanation from the great Ustaz of Hadith Maulana Manzoor Nomani. Volume 1: Parts 1-4. Volume 2: Parts 5-8. 

Also look at the newly published book that is inspired by Maariful Hadith but extends it from the 20th century India to the 21st century in the global village, especially the Western world. Downpour of Blessings.  

If you want to buy just one hadith book (and every Muslim home must have at least one) this should be it. It is hard to think of Maulana Manzoor Naumani, Rahimahullah, without thinking of this seminal work by him. He is a compassionate teacher whose lucid explanations and pertinent comments are indispensable for a serious hadith student.

This latest edition is a pleasure to look at and delight to read. Computer composed Arabic text with diacritical marks makes it easy to read the original Arabic text. This is a complete translation of the entire 8 volume Urdu original. The translation and explanation have been thoroughly revised. 

Volume 1


Introduction by Sheikh Habibur Rahman Azami

Introduction by Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Kitab Ul-Iman (Book of Faith)

Islam, Faith, and Sincerity in Action

Tenets of Islam

Life After Death: (Barzakh, Last Day, The Hereafter)

Kitabur Riqaq (The Book of Soft-Heartedness)

Contemptuous Disregard of the World

Zuhud (Asceticism) and its Fruits

Kitabul Akhlaq (The Book of Manners)

Place of Morality in Islam

Good Morals and Bad, Compassion and Lack of It

Religious Brotherhood and Islamic Fellow Feeling

Truthfulness and Trustworthiness

Sincerity in Action and Single-Minded Devotion

Volume 2

Kitabut Taharah (The Book of Purification)

The Place of Cleanliness in Islam

Virtue of Wudhu



Janabat and Its Ghusl

Mustahab and Masnoon Ghusl


Kitabus Salat (The Book of Prayers)

Pre-Eminence of Salat

Hours of Salat





Performance of Prayer

Recital of Qur’an in Namaz

Aameen at the End of Surah al-Fatiha

Ruku and Sujud

Qa’dah, Tashahhud and Salaam

Invocating Blessings on The Prophet {SAWS}

Sunnah and Nawafil Prayer

Qiyam al-Layl or Tahajjud

Chast and Ishraq

Nafl Prayers on Special Occasions

Special Congregational Prayers: Friday and the Two ‘Id

Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha


Salat al-Kusoof and Salat al-Istisqa

Namaz-i-Janaza and Other Related Matters

Visiting of the Sick

Things to be Done After Death


Bathing and Shrouding of the Dead Body


Kitabuz Zakah (The Book of Zakah)

Importance of Zakah

Rules and Regulations

Kitabus Saum (The Book of Fasting)

Significance of Fasting


Sighting of the Moon

Sahr and Iftari

Fasting on a Journey

Nafl Fasts

Kitabul Hajj (The Book of Hajj)

Nature and Objects of Hajj

Miqat, Ihram, Talbia

Farewell Hajj

Principal Rituals and Ceremonies of Hajj

Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah

Visiting the Grave of the Prophet {SAWS}

Volume 3

Kitabul Azkaar Wad Da’waat (The Book of Azkar and Ad Da’waat)

The Significance of Zikr and its Blessings

The Words of Zikr and Their Blessings

Recital of the Noble Qur’an

The Blessings of Specified Verses & Surahs

Merits of Some Specified Verses

Du’a (Supplication)

The Supplications of the Messenger of Allah {SAWS}

Supplications at Different Hours and Situations

Comprehensive Supplications

Seeking Refuge in Allah

Seeking Forgiveness & Repenting

As-Salatu Wa As-Salam (Blessings & Peace on the Prophet)

Kitabul Ma’amlaat Wal Muashrat (The Book of Affairs and Society)


Elementary Obligations of Parents

Rights of Parents on Children

Mutual Rights and Duties of Husband and Wife

Rights of Neighbours

Rights of Weaker and Poorer Sections

Slaves and Servants

Rights of Islamic Fraternity

Rules and Proprieties of Meeting

Teachings of the Prophet {SAWS} Concerning Lying, Sitting, Sleeping, and His Own Practice

Guidance Regarding Talking, Laughing, Sneezing, and Yawning in Company

Eating and Drinking

Liquids for Drinking

Proprieties (of Eating)


Satr and Hijab

Volume 4

Marriage and Other Related Matters

Divorce and Period of Waiting

Kitabul Mua’malat (The Book of Affairs)

Importance of Economic Affairs


Buying and Selling



Waqf (Charitable Fund)


Legal Administration

System of Government

Kitabul Ilm (The Book of Knowledge)

Kitabul E’tisaam Bil Qur’an Was Sunnah (Book of Holding Fast to the Qur’an and the Sunnah)

Invitation to Piety

Kitabul Fitan (The Book of Trials & Afflictions)

Religious Decline & Trials Faced by the Ummah

Signs of the Qiyamah

Majors Signs of the Last Hour

Kitabul Fazai’l Wal Manaqib (The Book of Virtues & Excellence)

Merits of the Four Khalifas

The Remaining of the Ten Given Glad Tidings [Asharah Mubasharah]

Excellence of the People of the Prophet’s House (His Wives and Children)

Sayyidah Khadijah

Sayyidah Sawdah Bint Zama’ah

Sayyidah Ayshah

Sayyidah Hafsah

Sayyidah Umm Salamah

Sayyidah Zaynab Bint Jahsh

Sayyidah Al-Hilaliyah

Sayyidah Juwayriyah

Sayyidah Umm Habibah

Sayyidah Safiyah

Sayyidah Maymuna

The Prophet’s Children

Sayyidah Zaynab

Sayyidah Riqayyah

Sayyidah Umm Kulthum

Sayyidah Fatimah

Sayyidna Hasan Ibn Ali

Sayyidna Husayn ibn Ali

Excellences of the Companions

Sayyidina Hamzah ibn Abdul Muttalib

Sayyidina Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Abbas

Sayyidina Ja’far ibn Abu Talib

Sayyidina Zayd ibn Harithah

Sayyidina Usamah ibn Zayd

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ood

Sayyidina Ubayy ibn Ka’b

Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Umar

Sayyidina Bilal

Sayyidina Anas ibn Malik

Sayyidina Salman Farsi

Sayyidina Abu Musa Al-Ash’ary

Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari

Sayyidina Ammar ibn Yaasir

Sayyidina Suhayb Roomi

Sayyidina Abu Zarr Ghiffari

Sayyidina Mu’az ibn Jabal

Sayyidina Ubaydah ibn Samit

Sayyidina Khabbab ibn Al-Arat

Sayyidina Sa’d ibn Mu’az

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Salaam

Sayyidina Mus’ab ibn Umayr

Sayyidina Khalid ibn Waleed

Sayyidina Amr ibn Al-Aas

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Al-Aas

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Hizam

Sayyidina Jabir ibn Abdullah ibn Amr

Sayyidina Zayd ibn Thabit

Sayyidina Jarir ibn Abdullah Al-Bajali

Sayyidina Hassan ibn Thabit

Sayyidina Abu Sufyan

Sayyidina Mu’awiyah


Maulana Manzoor No'mani
  • Arabic/English
Darul Ishaat
Year of Publication:
2018 CE

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Maariful Hadith English (8 Parts/2 Volumes)

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