Special Leather Socks (Khuffain) Size 7


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These socks were specially made in Pakistan for Albalagh customers from choice materials: soft sheep leather and fine flannel, personally selected by our expert. Each side is made from a single leather piece, not from several cut pieces sewn together. Nice flannel lining adds to the warmth and comfort. Your size should be the same as the US shoe size.

Leather socks provide warmth and convenience. Wear them in a state of wudu, say after taking bath, and then keep them on for up to 24 hours while staying at home and up to 72 hours while traveling. Then every time you perform wudu, you do not have to wash your feet while they are on; just swipe a wet hand over the socks.

Since we lose most of the body heat from the head and feet, so they are also a very effective means of staying warm during the cold weather.

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Special Leather Socks (Khuffain) Size 7

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