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From the beautiful giftbook collection of Siratt Arts. These books have been inspired by the significance that Islam places on knowledge, kinship and mutual love.

Each book is practically equivalent to several dozen greeting cards.

From the publisher: InshaAllah, we hope the books in this series will:

Inform and inspire the reader through relevant At and Sahih Hadith

Express many of the emotions that you may wish to convey. At times we have all been lost for words, unable to say what we really feel.

We pray InshaAllah, that these books provide a treasured gift and hence unite your kindred spirits, so that you can truly say;

I love you not only as a means of personal expression, but also that; I love you for the sake of Allah. (Abu Dawud)

Example: 'I love you my brother', I am proud to say For this love will be rewarded on Judgement Day


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Giftbook for Brother

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