Miswak 8 inch Muslim Miswak

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One miswak. 8" long. It is both thicker and longer than the standard 6 inch miswak. Comes in its own plastic wrap.

Freshen your mouth with these excellent miswaks from the Peelu tree, one of the best trees for miswaks.

The miswak has been a sunnah of all the Prophets and the righteous ones. It is highly recomended to use the miswak at the times of wudu, before sleeping and after waking up, before leaving the house and after returning to it, and so on.

The Prophet, Sall-Allahu Alayhi wa sallam, said that Miswak is a purification for the mouth and a way of seeking Allah's pleasure. (Al-Bukhari).

Among the many benefits of the miswak are:

- It is a highly emphasized sunnah of the Prophet {SAWS}.

- It is very soft, allowing you to gently clean your mouth without scratching yourself.

- It carries natural resins that fight cavities, kill harmful bacteria, strengthen gums and form a protective coating for enamel.

- It prevents tooth decay and assists in eliminating toothaches.

- It clears the voice.

- and many, many other spiritual and health benefits.

It is the natural, herbal way of cleaning the teeth, unsurpassed by any modern contrivance.

To Use:

Simply scrape off bark from the tip (half an inch), then chew the tip gently until its fibers become soft and brush-like. Brush teeth horizontally and frequently. When the bristles become worn, cut off the tip and start again.

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Miswak 8 inch Muslim Miswak

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