A Journey to Explore Islam (Software CD)

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Publisher:IBHAR Interactive

The first multimedia CD to introduce Islam to those who are seeking the truth. It uses the rich features of the multimedia technology, where information is presented in video, audio, and text formats integrated with rich art and graphics with a very friendly user interface. Provides capabilities to search, copy and paste, and mark your favorites.

Included in this CD is the translation of the meanings of Qur'an besides more than 450 other titles about Islam, organized in nine main sections: Fundamentals of Islam, Social Values of Islam, Islam and Science, Particulars of Islam, History of Islam, Comparative Religion, Stereotypes and Clarifications, Hear from over 100 who chose Islam, and How to become a Muslim.

A rich media presentation about Islam in a very attractive design, the contents include:

1- Fundamentals of Islam

  • What do Muslims Believe?
  • How does a Muslim worship?
  • Do Muslims have a Bible?
  • Who is Muhammad {SAWS}?
  • Do you Know The 99 Names of God?
  • What they say about Islam?

2- Particulars of Islam

Knowingly or otherwise, you are increasingly interacting with Muslims. At times do you find Muslim behavior strange? Perhaps you were under the impression that Arab and Muslim were the same? Get the facts here.

3- History of Islam

Is Islam just some strange new religion that just appeared in the Arabian Desert fourteen centuries ago? Islam does not claim to be a new faith as such but, rather, preaches to be a clarification and completion of the earlier divine messages. Do you know that all prophets are Muslims and History of Islam is the History of Prophets?

4- Stereotypes & Clarifications

In today’s information age and new global openness, it would be expected that people would be well informed and aware of the world around them. Unfortunately the opposite is true. The media, instead of informing, has been misinforming and peddling stereotypes. This section looks objectively at the common myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

5- Social Values

  • What are Islam's teachings regarding one's duties to parents, spouse, children, relatives, and other people?
  • How does Islam revive the fundamentals of familial and interpersonal relations?
  • What does Islam have to offer to the western civilization?
  • What are Islam's teachings regarding women?

6- Islam and Science

Knowledge and science hold a place of paramount importance in Islamic teachings. From Avicenna’s medical cannons to Al-Khawarizmi’s aljabr (algebra), modern science owes much to Muslim scientific endeavor. The Qur’an itself contains scientific facts which have only been recently discovered by modern scientists.

7- Comparative Religion

“Indeed God chose Adam, Noah, the Family of Abraham and the Family of Imran above all the creation. Progeny one from another, and certainly God is Aware of all things.” [Aal-e-Imran 3:33] Do you know that Qur’an contains a chapter entitled "Mary" after the mother of Jesus, alayhi salam (upon him be peace)? Would you expect to find the stories of the Hebrew Prophets amongst its pages?

8- Hear From Over 100 Who Chose Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Every day, people from all backgrounds all over the world are discovering the truth of Islam. These personal accounts will help answer the question why. What is it about Islam that so many have found so moving?


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A Journey to Explore Islam (Software CD)

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