Noorani Qaidah (with 5 CDs) القواعد النورانية

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Noorani Qaida with 5 CDs designed to help the reader master reading the Qur'an with correct pronounciation in a very short time. Calligraphy for the Qaidah was done by Uthman Taha, the calligrapher of the Mus-haf al-Madinah. Readers can graduate from this Qaida to the Mushaf with ease. Color coded Tajweed rules are included in the Qaidah. Includes instructions in English.

القواعد النورانية

Designed by Shaykh Noor Muhammad ar-Ra'ee. Noorani Qaida has been popular for decades in large parts of the Muslim world. This Qaida has been compiled by his descendant Professor Muhammad ar-Ra'ee from the original Noorani Qaidah. Professor ar-Ra'ee has been teaching Qur'an reading for more than two decades. He says in the introduction: "The methodology that this book follows has consistently produced excellent results and success in students of all ages and levels, whether it is a four-year old childe or an illiterate sixty-year old man who wants to learn how to read the Qur'an with the correct tajweed."


  • Arabic/English

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Noorani Qaidah (with 5 CDs) القواعد النورانية

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