Tahdhib al Akhlaq: A Hadith guide to personal and social conducts

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Author:Syed Abul Hai al-Hasani
Publisher:UK Islamic Academy

A short volume packed with empowering Islamic examples of personal development in every aspect of daily life. It covers in short chapters topics such as sincerity in worship, maintaining ties of kinship, teaching children, thankfulness, modesty etc. It focuses on morality, manners and in this way it serves both as an excellent foundation not only for further study of the great works of hadith, but also as a guide to the Islamic way of life thus reviving the importance of Islamic moral conduct

Anyone new to the science of hadith may be overawed by its sheer volume and complexity. Tahdhib al-Akhlaq: A Hadith Guide for Personal and Social Conduct, is a gentle introduction that takes over 500 Ahadith from the six authentic collections predominantly from Bukhari and Muslim and arranges them into an easily understood and accessible subject matter.

Its unique style of inter-twining each subject matter with the appropriate verses of the Qur’an at the beginning of each chapter followed by carefully selected hadiths makes it fascinating to read, – a truly scholarly work made accessible to the general reader.


Syed Abul Hai al-Hasani
  • English
UK Islamic Academy

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Tahdhib al Akhlaq: A Hadith guide to personal and social conducts

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