An Exposition of the Hearts

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Author:Imam Ghazali
Publisher:Darul Ishaat
Year of Publication:2007 CE

English Translation of Imam al-Ghazzali's Mukashfat al-Quloob.

This book is a must-read for those who wish to understand the virtues and diseases of the heart, and wish to adopt the correct measures on the path of purification and reformation.

Translated by Maulana Muhammad Muhammedy

Allah subhanahu wa tala says, 'On that day nothing will benefit the human being, neither wealth nor children, only the one who brings Allah a sound heart.' A sound heart is one that is free of defects and spiritual blemishes. Though the spiritual heart is centered in the physical heart, the heart being referred to here is the spiritual heart, not the physical heart.

Imam Ghazzali is well known for his writings on philosophy, reformation, rectification and purification of the hearts. This book is no exception to these subjects. As the title suggests, Imam Ghazzali lays open the hearts and exposes their diseases, ailments, maladies, virtues, merits and values. In doing so, he proves that the hearts are capable of both good and evil, and that it is upon us to either cleanse and purify them, or to soil and contaminate them. Purification of the heart would lead to a life of peace, tranquility, satisfaction, Paradise, and eventual pleasure of Allah. On the other hand, contamination of the hearts would lead to a life of stress, tension, constant fear, dissatisfaction, Hell, and the displeasure of Allah.

Imam Ghazzali provides copious proofs from the Quran, Hadith and sayings of the pious. This, most certainly increases the value and benefit of the book.


Imam Ghazali
  • English
Darul Ishaat
Year of Publication:
2007 CE

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An Exposition of the Hearts

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