Islam the Natural Way 2nd Edition

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Author:AbdulWahid Hameed
Publisher:MELS - Muslim Education Literary Services, UK
Year of Publication:2004 CE

A standard contemporary book for introducing Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

From the publisher:

Islam the Natural Way deals with such topics as God and creation, human history, freedom and responsibility, good and evil, personal development, work and leisure, the family and social relationships, sex and sex education, attitudes to other faiths and global issues such as war and violence, ecology and the environment, and human destiny.

This is essentially a personal book - for you and your family, for a friend or a neighbour, or anyone you care for.

This book is used in homes and in classrooms, at high schools and universities, in hospitals and prisons, in training courses for youth and social workers.

Islam the Natural Way is now recognized as a standard introduction to Islam. It was first translated into Albanian by Imam Vehbi Ismail in Detroit, Michigan and translations have been published or are in preparation in various languages including Bassanski, Dutch, French, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Urdu and Zulu.

208 pages (large format) with index and glossary.


At last, a splendid introduction to Islam. Clear, forthright and confident.... Islam the Natural Way is an authentic presentation of Islam and its worldview. M
A Sherif, The Muslim News, London

Shows how Islam provides the values for creating a better world. M
aryam Davies, Crescent International, London

I have found Islam the Natural Way to be the very best I have read in content, and in presentation, in bringing the truth of Islam to western readers.
E. Graham Barrie, Manchester, UK

It has really made a difference between understanding Islam and merely accepting it as my parents’ religion.S
ajid Musa, Essex

A most beautiful and enlightening presentation of Islam. Abd alBari, Indiana State Reformatory, USA

All Muslims should try to acquire this book. Talib ud-Din, Islamic Council of Jamaica, West Indies

'Fairly soon after becoming Muslim, a friend gave me a copy of a book which you publish "Islam the Natural Way" by AbdulWahid Hamid. I have found it highly interesting and a must-have reference book. I would also like to get a copy for a friend of mine who is also a fairly recent convert.' J
ennifer E Roden, Guildford, Surrey

'I was very delighted when I read the book Islam the Natural Way which I obtained from our Islamic Culture Center Madresa in Sarajevo. I am 36 years of age, married and we have two children. I graduated from the Veterinary School University of Sarajaevo and (I am involved in) projects of reconstruction in Bosnia.' A
mir Lubovac, Sarajevo

'Never had I read any Islamic literature that has moved me the way the contents of your book "Islam the Natural Way" has. I reverted to Islam in 1992 and I have been reading a lot of Islamic books but none of them touches this book.

It is a book for all humanity, as it explains Islam in an understandable way. I want to acquire knowledge as as to become a valuable asset to the South Africans. As I was reading this book I felt tempted to rewrite it in mini-series in Sesotho or Zulu'

Halima Sebusi, Mogwase, Northwest Proince, South Africa

'Last year, I purchased a book "Islam the Natural Way" by AbdulWahid Hamid. I was impressed by it; it is a well-organized, well-writen book. I gave it to my non-Muslim parents to learn about Islam.'
Sr Lara Cleven, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


AbdulWahid Hameed
  • English
MELS - Muslim Education Literary Services, UK
Year of Publication:
2004 CE

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Islam the Natural Way 2nd Edition

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