The Science of Allah: Bible , Qur'an and Science. The Matrix of Creation Decoded

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from the publisher: "This book clearly defines answers to the questions raised by atheists and agnosticism."

This book is considered as the ‘Code Breaking’ of the Holy Quran establishing The Matrix of Creation. It explains in logical terms how creation comes into existence and the systems of all things created by Allah SWT. And in search for Reality, Truth and Reasons, this book clearly defines answers to the questions raised by atheist and agnotiscism which is written in the most condensed and simplified form. Through this book, millions will realize and become aware and discover that the Holy Quran is a Book of Reality and Truth and will lead man to a more profound life awakened to the higher consciousness of Faith in Allah SWT. Sallina Ismail has woven all scientific evidence, mathematical facts, logic and mantiq thinking, quranic verses and hadith sayings which leads to her own discoveries about how the universe comes into existence, how life and death works, the secret behind Solat and Haj, who we are and what is our purpose in this Life. This book demonstrates that the future of our generations to come is not just Light! is a Star of piercing brightness that illuminates splendor of glory emerging brilliance, intellect and intelligence beyond comprehension. This is a revolution towards an Islamic Renaissance – Awakening Brilliance In The 21st Century. About The Author Sallina Ismail is a writer, speaker and Quran miracles researcher. She is founder of Islam Inspires – A Journey To An Extraordinary Life! and Inspire For Kids and Teens printed and online magazine. Her life is dedicated to Faith and her passion is To Reach, To Teach, To Inspire and To Change. While growing up in a family who took up Sufism as a way of life, she encountered her first spiritual awakening in 2005. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that her life became focused upon a cosmic search for spiritual and miraculous answers about the whole dimension of creation of all things. Pondering the mysteries of life is her passion. Contemplating the signs of Allah SWT in His bounteous horizon is the groping of her inner vision. Almost 20 years of study and research followed, along with the development of her inner vision. By the year 2007, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward, her realizations began to unfold. Today, as Editor and Founder of Islam Inspires, she helps people find inspiration, love and brilliance in all areas of life awakening divine elements through God powered consciousness.


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The Science of Allah: Bible , Qur'an and Science. The Matrix of Creation Decoded

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