A Short History of Islam (Al-Djazairi)

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Author:S.E. Al-Djazairi
Dimensions:15 x 24 cm (5.9 x 9.4 in)
Year of Publication:2006 CE

Islamic History, like other subjects related to Islam, has been written by, and taught from, non Muslim sources. This has led to a considerable number of misconceptions and distortions.
This book seeks to reclaim Islamic history from such distortions.

The revelation of the Qur'an was a turning point in the history of man on this Earth. The Mission of the Messenger (Mercy to the Worlds) accompanied by the Qur'an (Guides to that which is most right) has made a unique difference to the life of man. It transformed him from an ignorant being to a learned one.

How did Islam arrive, and what were the first important events of Islamic history? Was Islam spread by the sword?

What happened to the millions of Muslims in Spain?
These and many other questions are answered in this book.
This book narrates the History of Islam in a very interesting and accurate manner.

bout the Author: Dr Salah Eddin Zaimeche Al-Djazairi

Dr Salah has lectured and researched at the University of Constantine ( Algeria ) for more than ten years. He also tutored at the Department of Geography of the University of Manchester . More recently, he has worked as a research assistant at UMIST ( Manchester ) in the field of history of science.

Dr Salah has published many academic works. Publications in scientific journals include papers on environmental degradation, and desertification, as well as papers on politics and change in North Africa , and problems of economic and social development. He has also contributed historical entries to various encyclopaedias such as the Columbia Gazetteer, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Francophone Studies. The largest written contribution by the author has been on the subject of Muslim science and civilisation, where many of his articles, can be found (in PDF format) on the website: http://Muslimheritage.com


S.E. Al-Djazairi
  • English
15 x 24 cm (5.9 x 9.4 in)
Year of Publication:
2006 CE

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A Short History of Islam (Al-Djazairi)

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