The Word-for-Word Digital Quran Pen Reader M9

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Dimensions:28 x 28 cm (11 x 11 in)

Now with Qur'an voice word for word. Learning to read the Quran is now easier than ever! This excellent new Qur'an pen reader is ideal for listening to and learning the recitation of the Quran. No other device is needed. Equally easy for children and adults. Very good sound quality.

This Holy Quran and Qaida that come with the Pen Reader are printed in beautiful Uthmanic font and pages are layered with invisible coded grids. Large Mushaf.

The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the selected part. When the Pen Reader is pointed at the beginning title of each chapter or surah, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn, memorize and recite the Quran, all in just 3 easy steps point, listen and recite.

The sound comes through the built-in speaker of the pen, and earphones can be plugged in for a more concentrated and private listening. Recitation of the whole Quran is stored inside the memory chip of the pen, in digital format. In MP3 mode the Pen Reader will play Qur'anic recitation without the need to be pointed to the printed page.

# Choice of recitations by al-Sudais, Abdul Basit, Al-Afasy, and Maher al-Moeqqali

# Audio Translations available in English, Urdu, Farsi, and French. Press the Trans button to get the translation of the ayah, surah or page just recited.

#Large size Mushaf (24.5 X 17 cm 9.5 X 6.75 inch)

#Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Riyad us Saliheen in audio.

# Qaida Noorania (book and audio)

# Duas

# Asma ul-Husna

# Talking Dictionary (Al-Qamoos al-Natiq) from Dar al-Qalam.(A small dictionary with vocabulary words for every day conversation).

# Complete Holy Qur'an with color coded tajweed rules in well printed uthmani script on precious paper with beautiful cover. Fifteen lines per page.

# Also included reading of: Qaida Nooraniya. Duas from the Qur'an. Duas from the Hadith. Hisn al-Muslim. Asmaul Husna.

# Includes in Arabic (audio):

- Ahkam al-Tajweed (Explanation of rules of Tajweed)

- Tafseer al-Jalalyan.

- Aysar at Tafasir

Sharh al-Mufradat (Explanations of difficult words into Arabic).

Different qira'aat

# Read Pen can read any page, surah or ayah by simply touching the text in the mus-haf.

# Simple and easy way for people with reading difficulties, learning disabilities or dyslexia to get immediate word support when they are reciting.

# Perfect for those who want to learn how to read the Noble Qu'ran without a teacher. Get the correct pronounciation of each single word from the best Qaris in the world.

# The Noorani Qaida is a copy of the beautiful Qaida published in Saudi Arabia. While reading that each letter and its harkat is pronounced (Example: ba kasra bee, ba dumma boo). The Qaida also includes Juz ‘Amma. When Juz ‘Amma from the Qaida is selected then the reciting is followed by student repetition.

# New volume and speed controls. (5 volume levels, 7 speed levels)

Box Contents

* Beautiful color-coded Mus-haf (Holy Qur'an)

* Qaida Nooraniya

* Hajj and Umrah book

*Talking Dictionary

Digital Pen Reader

* In-ear headphone

* USB cable

* Wall plug for recharging

* User's manual

Customize It

You can customize this reader by replacing the default reciters and translations with any of the following:


Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawy

Sa'ad al Ghamidi

Muhammad Khalil al-Husairi

Ahmad al-Ajeay

Muhammad Ayoub

Mishary Rashid al-Afasy (default)

Abdur Rahman al-Sudais (default)

Abdul Basit (default)

Maher al Moeqqali (default)

Abdullah Basfar


English (default)

Urdu (default)

Farsi (default)

French (default)












28 x 28 cm (11 x 11 in)

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The Word-for-Word Digital Quran Pen Reader M9

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