Word for Word Pen Reader with Color Coded Mus-haf

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Dimensions:28 x 28 cm (11 x 11 in)

No other device is needed. Equally easy for children and adults. Very good sound quality.

This Holy Quran and Qaida that come with the Pen Reader are printed in beautiful Uthmanic font and pages are layered with invisible coded grids. Large Mushaf.

The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the selected part. When the Pen Reader is pointed at the beginning title of each chapter or surah, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn, memorize and recite the Quran, all in just 3 easy steps point, listen and recite.

The sound comes through the built-in speaker of the pen, and earphones can be plugged in for a more concentrated and private listening. Recitation of the whole Quran is stored inside the memory chip of the pen, in digital format. In MP3 mode the Pen Reader will play Qur'anic recitation without the need to be pointed to the printed page.

#Sahih Bukhari in audio.

# Qaida Noorania (book and audio)

# Duas for Haj and Umrah with Hajj and Umrah guide booklet

# Talking Dictionary (Al-Qamoos al-Natiq) from Dar al-Qalam.(A small dictionary with vocabulary words for every day conversation).


28 x 28 cm (11 x 11 in)

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Word for Word Pen Reader with Color Coded Mus-haf

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