The Muslim Conduct of State (New Edition)

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Author:Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah
Dimensions:14 x 22 cm (5.5 x 8.7 in)
Publisher:Sh. Muhammad Ashraf
Year of Publication:2011 CE

Islamic notion of public international law consisting of the laws of peace, war, and neutrality together with precedents from orthodox practice and preceded by a historical and general introduction. "The Muslim Conduct of State remains the best available model for the reconstruction of Islamic (international) law." (IMPACT, March 2003) The 2011 edition has the same text but new typesetting.

"Dr. Hamidullah assiduously culled a wealth of material from all available sources, both published and unpublished, found in libraries of India, France, Germany, Britain, North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, and Hijaz. He surveyed exhaustively not only the works of Islamic law but also the available literature on history, navigation, travel, warfare, and biographies and extensively consulted commentaries of the Qur’an and the Hadith and the books of literature and lexicography. Thanks to this effort, Dr. Hamidullah was able to provide a rich Islamic content to the major questions that had been raised by Oppenheim.

"Besides Fiqhi material, Dr. Hamidullah introduced some new subjects to the field of Muslim International Law. Moreover, he collected the material on this subject from other branches of Fiqh as well, systematized it, and presented it as a consistent and coherent theory of conflict of laws.

"Apart from introducing new material and concepts in international law, Dr. Hamidullah also gave new interpretations to the existing material. In this respect, this book is a rich reservoir of information and fresh interpretations. In it one notices a balanced combination of theory and historical facts, each complementing the other. The Muslim Conduct of State remains the best available model for the reconstruction of Islamic Law." Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi (IMPACT, March 2003)


Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah
  • English
14 x 22 cm (5.5 x 8.7 in)
Sh. Muhammad Ashraf
Year of Publication:
2011 CE

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The Muslim Conduct of State (New Edition)

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